Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update & [Black Monkey Pro] monkey JANKEN strip

I know a lot of you has been asking for BMP's Deeper, but unfortunately, I don't have it, so... here's something else from them.

Here's a simple strip janken ( rock-paper-scissors ) game from Black Monkey Pro!

Link here


  1. thanks
    will be patient for banana jam deeper it will be realesed soon this april

  2. yes please do for banana jam deeper

  3. Please update banana jam deeper for us. We're very grateful to you for this. I'm going crazy for banana jam deeper now. pls update!!!
    I hear that a blackmonkey pro event will be held on 12, 13, 14 April with many items include banana jam deeper.Someone who has it pls update soon!Thank u so muchhhh

  4. I love this game. YaoiBoy

  5. Does anyone know how to download from this site? I keep getting an error message.

  6. Are the characters in this game from an actual anime series? I love them